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Ancestral body, health & biotypes

Your body is the perfect reflection of your level of consciousness and your ability to parent yourself. If you suffer it is time to go deep instead of trying to remove the symptoms via diet and exercise.

Cellulite, weight, sleep & energy issues? Are you constantly repeating unhealthy habits, dysfunctional eating and realtionships? You don´t need ANY more diets, cures or supplements to kill the messengers. You need to create a life long foundation of natural strength, ancestral health, inner wisdom and peace. You need to RETURN to your natural, self-healing state.

Did you know that even cravings, hairloss, hormonal and mental problems and both your own and your children´s symptoms are MESSENGERS. ”Until you understand the purpose of your suffering, you will forever suffer” (Paul Chek).

The real reason why you feel bad
Stress, toxins, artificial lights and food. A life without tribal connection, nature and purpose. We are lost. Not lazy or sick. We are toxic and stressed. Not in need of another diet.

There´s a reason why diets, supplements and exercise hasn´t worked for you. You can´t choose diets or take supplements to FIX symptoms. What works for one person will make another one sick. No ”one-size-fits-all” supplement, exercise regimen or diet will work in the long run. You are part of Mother Nature. Nature operates in cycles, rythms and sesons. Your dietary, lifestyle – and emotional hneeds change all the time depending on epigenetics, genes, seasons, age, stress-levels and environmental triggers.

needs change all the time. Until you know your biotype, your traumas, your self-sabotage patterns and your part of NATURE´s rythms and cycles, you I believe that any problem, symptom or weight issue it an OPPORTUNITY to get to know yourself on a deeper level. It os

Weightloss and detox is the LAST part of a healing journey. A strong, healthy body is naturally balanced, clean and lean.

Dysfunctional eating and self sabotage.
did you know that most of us are unconsciously addicted to pain? Did you know that eating too much or going on low carb diets or torturous exercise regimens triggers very addictive stress hormones and self sabotage patterns? Until you understand the underlying story behind your patterns and dive deeper, you will forever suffer.

My courses, podcasts, Instagram and ebooks helps you build foundation instead of yo yo dieting,. My mission is to reconnect you to intuition, nature and the inner wisdom that guides you from moment to moment.

Test your stress level here:
Are you the type who should avoid keto and fasting?
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Autism Awakening

My son´s recovery story went viral:

My son no longer has symptoms of autism. I have no depression or weight issues anymore. My story shared to help other moms and children. The links I mention in my live are:

Gepostet von Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson am Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017

”You have to give up and put him in a facility for handicapped children. He is ruining your family”. Those were my friends’ words. I knew she was right about the last part, but I also knew that I could never – would never give up on my child. Even if there  were days where I fantasized about dying and easy ways to ”disappear”. There were days, where I felt I was alrady dead.

There were weeks where we didn´t sleep at all because of his screaming and crying. We couldn´t go for car-rides together, because he was so violent. It was too dangerous. There were days where he attacked his baby brother. There were weeks where we didn´t even have the energy to cut his toenails. Those were the weeks where the toenails grew all the way around the toe and touched the floor. Like a statement. A proof of the failure, I felt.

The recovery process
It was living Hell, but Autism was our wakeup call and I would not have been where I am without this experience. When we understood the message, my son´s symptoms dissapeared. His journey changed the whole family, becuase we had to change our life COMPLETELY. Diet, lifestyle, values, house, jobs. In the proces I lost 20 kilos ( 3,14 stone, 44 pounds) and we got rid of asthma, sleepless nights, exzema, constipation and sugar addiction.

He was diagnosed by the most experienced psychiatrist in the hospital for children at age 5. On his 8 th birthday, the symptoms were gone. This was LIFE CHANGING.

From lining up EVERYTHINg (toys, furniture, clothes), stimming, screaming, tantrums, shouting, biting, being in cinstant danger, jumping off balconys, in fromt of cars to……normal. It took years. It took a lot of effort, tears and hard hard work and patience.

People often get triggered when I call my son normal. Especially moms of autistic children who get overwhelmed by the mere thought of changing lifestyle for good.
Adults and young people on the spectrum sometimes get offended as well, when I suggest that autism is a cry for help and treatable. I understand the provocation factor and I also understand that for some people, it´s okay to live with the diagnosis and the symptoms. This page is for people who think out of the box. The warriors who will do anything to improve the quality of life for their family. People get angry, when I say that my son no longer has autism. Most people STILL subscribe to old dogma and paradigms  and believe the hypothesis that autism is genetic, psychiatric and for life. I had to travel to USA and attend medical conferences and work with pediatricians and medical professionals to research and learn all the complicated aspects of autism. I am no doctor or expert myself. I am a warrior mom on a mission, a journalist, reseracher and writer. <i tell my story of how I changed our lives so that you can change yours.

While some experts claim there are nothing to do for children with autism, other experts reverse the symptoms by focusing on the gut, detoxification, brain stimulation, diet, lifestyle, epigenetics, gut, biohacking. There is no one size fits all, no one cause or one solution for your child. You are about to embark on a journey to become a citizen scientist and your child´s best expert and researcher.

The wakeup call
Your child´s symptoms are your wakeup calls. The ”special” children are trying to tell us to change our toxic, unnatural, busy lives and reconnect with Mother Nature. Not all children will be fully reversed. Some will, others might experience relief, others have fewer symptoms. Some fully recovered. If you never try, you will never know what is possible  for your child.

The missing link and root causes noone tells you about
I am a journalist and bestselling writer, and it took me years to research the underlying issues behind symptoms of autism. Most of them are still missed to this day, because experts in the established system focuses on genes and psychiatry and the alternative experts fokus on ONE or two aspects (often gut, diet, heavy metal toxicity, hyperbaric oxygen or vaccines). None of these myopic approcaces will help – nor do they cover the complexety of the mysery calles Autism.

Here are the missing links:


Live with Methylation expert Dr. Albert Mensah: Why you CAN´T choose diet without knowing your biotype. Why the most popular supplements and diets (including vegan, fish oil, multivitamins and B vitamins can be dangerous to certain types. How to reverse autism, anxiety and depression with nutrient therapy and why “DYI” and 1-day methylation courses is extremely dangerous. Learn everything you MUST Know to protect yourself from ignorance and dangerous one-size fits all solutions. Mensah was a sceptical MD with neurology as hos field of expertise when he met ( and started working for ) William Walsh/Pfeiffer Institute because he SAW psychiatric/behavioral disorders being healed uding nutrient therapy. Including autism, scizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety and depression. He now trains doctors in US and Australia and is the leading expert in the field. #overmethylation #pyrroledisorder #reversingautism #autismtreatment #anxiety #adhd #copperoverload #yeastinfections #biotypes

Gepostet von Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018

Undermethylation (Impaired function of neurotransmitters, enzymes, hormones, DNA)
Most people on the spectrum have issues with undermethylation. Focusing on MTFH, multivitamins, greenies and fisk oil or other ”one size fits all” protocols WILL MAKE MATTERS WORSE FOR THESE CHILDREN. Linked to addiction and OCD, depression and moodswings as well. Plus increase risk for severe depression, learning difficulties, and in women: The risk for birth complication, having children with autism and learning difficulties, premature birth, cancer etc.

Read more

Pyrrole Disorder
A stress disorder (more prevalent in people with irish, English or scandinavian descent, but can occur in any stressed, acute state of fight and flight. Linked to aggression, moodswings, sensitivity to light, texture, food, poor healing capacity.  Often white spots on nails, pain, nauseau in the morning, lack of appetite in the morning. Omega 3 supplements and fasting will increase oxidative stress for these individuals. Cod liver oil is better. Fish and shellfish is best. Pyrrolle Disorder depletes the body for b6 and zinc and supplementation is part of the healing proces. Should be monitered closely by very experienced practitioner who has trained with William walsh and Albert Mensah.

Read more

Copper Overload
Linked to depletion of zinc . Anxiety, hyoeractivity, autism, paranoia, hallucinations, depression, moodswings, weepy, sensitivity, short attention span, paranoia, obsessive thoughts and much more.
Taking zinc to dump copper and/or without ingoing supervision and testing can lead to worsening of symptoms because of copper dumping.

Read more

Yeast and hyperactivity
Linked to ADHD and behavioral issues. Think ”beer brewing in the belly”.

Read more

Underdeveloped Cerebellum
So many children on the spectrum have an underdevelopment in the part of the brain that is responsible for emotinal control, learning, social skills, retaining information, reaching full potential, sensory input, balance, focus and coordination. What we did to help my child took 2-3 hours per day (psysical brain stimulating exrcises. Today, there are far better, more efficient solutions and programs you can do at home, on the computer in 10 minutes per day.


Leaky Gut and food intolerances
Leads to food intolerances, undigested food entering the blood stream, opiod-like reactions, when morphine peptides hits the bloodstream, behavioral – and mood disorders, skin issues and so much more. Gluten, dairy, vegetable oils, soy and sugar leads to inflammation as well and an unhealthy microbiome (the good bacteria) impairs immune system .

Read more:

Dr. Fasano, professor, Harvard University

Martha Herbert, Professor, Harvard Medical School

Studies on the Microbiome and autism


I am currently working on my course ”Autism Awakening” but if you want to start a full body, gut and lifestyle restoration proces and implement this in your family, you can jump on our VIP coaching group RIGHT HERE:

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