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“Our days have more ease. Everything is changing. To say that I am grateful is an understatement.”

In hindsight, I can’t even imagine doing this work without these women alongside. I am forever grateful for Ninka sharing her story, for (re) connecting us all, and for faithfully and patiently guiding us toward the light at the end of our unique tunnels.

(Staci invested in the Mindset Course and is a member of the membership “The Turnaround Tribe”.

Staci Smith, USA.

Barfoot Autism Testimonials Emma's Story


Before I started with your courses and membership, things were really bad. Otto would bang his head against the wall during meltdowns.

We tried everything. Diets, supplements, therapies, detox-protocols. Nothing worked. Until I found you.

I started with the free 3 step course and continued on your paid Autism Turnaround Mindset Course. After 6 months, things had changed completely. Now we have peace.

Emma Burke, doula, Australia.
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Barefoot Autism Warriors Testimonial Arianna


My son is no longer being evaluated for autism. I am so grateful for you.

I was researching the internet to find SOME FORM OF evidence that autism could be turned around. I needed to find someone who had done it to prove to me that it could be done. I knew that Facebook, Instagram and Google would have censored recovery stories, so I searched for podcasts instead. I found your podcast and I contacted you to interview you for my podcast

After that, I was just like..”Let’s GO.”

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“Don’t give up”. That’s my message for other moms.
My daughter is so much more focused. She is able to sit and pay attention. She loves it when I read to her now. She hasn’t enjoyed me reading to her since she was 20 months.

Don’t lose hope because experts don’t believe in you. Mainstream autism experts turned against me when I decided to turn autism around.

Stephanie Can Akyol, Los Angeles.
Full story on my podcast HERE