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Ninka is a force of nature! She comes in and changes everyones life around her. And she does it with so much passion, integrity and authenticity that it is impossible not to love her deeply. She is deeply committed to changing the way we think, feel and eat , but most of all she is committed to show you the way out of self abandonment and

– Louise Lie von Linstow

Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson is a rock star Health Queen, who turned a whole nation of busy moms on to health, nature and detox, as she made health and happiness rituals mainstream in Denmark. Her journey started when she helped her autistic child reverse the symptoms. Now she follow her passion for creating tribes of women who change the Planet one

– Janet Atwood, The Passion Test

As a professional soccer coach and scout , I am always looking for ways to improve health and performance for elite players. No matter how talented, you are, you need to eat healthy and lifestyle, sleep, rest and healthy nutritious food is extremely important. Young players need family support, and Ninka knows excactly how to reach and engage women

– Richard Lilja, Pro Soccer Coach

I’ve had the enormous pleasure of knowing Ninka for many years and the honor of working with her in her education programs.  It’s been a pleasure for me to associate with Ninka because of her immeasurable compassionate heart, her continuous ambitious striving for cutting edge health knowledge, and her ability to see the mind-body wholeness of

– JP Sears, Inner Awakenings
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