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The 7 Steps To Heal & Gain From Pain

The 7 Steps to Heal & Gain From Pain

How I turned disease and struggles into radiant health, found my life purpose and created a multi million business and movement.

The exact physical, biological, emotional, intellectual, practical steps I used to:

Reverse my son’ s autism.

Lose 22 kg ( 48 pounds) and overcome mood swings and anxiety.

Heal my childhood trauma which buried ruined my relationships in drama, conflict and jealousy.

Manifest millions by connecting to my highest creative source.

Create a bestselling book and generate 35 mio in booksales.

Attract a tribe of passionate followers who continue to explode my growth

Truly change the health, relationships, strength, emotional health and well being for tens of thousands of woman and children in my online tribes.

Create a movement that changed the eating – and shopping habits in Scandinavia in a way that slowed down sales of dairy and gluten and doubled the sales of organic, whole foods.

Still hold the record of the bestselling non fiction author ever in the history of one of the biggest publishing houses in Scandinavia.

In this course you will learn:

1: The biological, natural ancestral path, hacks and healing tools to get through pain & healing and the different phases you have to pass through to transform and grow from it.

2: The neurological pain switch. The missing link in failed attempts to address stress, pain, addiction, lack of focus, mood swings, learning and behavioral challenges. Crucial tool for athletes, entrepreneurs and high performers. ( Amygdala, Cerebellum, Working Memory).

3: Emotional healing, addressing self sabotage and self exploration to deal with hidden roadblocks to turn pain into power. The purpose of suffering.

4: Pain-Addiction rehab. Dealing with the most addictive hormones released during pain. If you don’ t understand this key, you will secretly keep looking for/stay in pain.

5: The spiritual portal through pain. message. Symptoms, struggles and pain are NOT to be treated or numbed out. They are sacred revelations and your awakening portal.

6: Manifestation, quantum physics and miracles. The do’s and don’ts. Tools and practices.

7: The Importance of values, relationships and the nutritional pain and stress that nobody in the established OR the the alternative field are telling you about

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