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Who Should Not Do Keto & Fasting?

Who should not do Keto & Fasting?

Is Keto messing with your hormones, fat burning, sleep and mood without you even knowing it?

  • Are you addicted to the stress hormones and the pain linked to the most popular weight loss trends?
  • Did you even know they were addictive?
  • Are you using diets to feel alive and to “fix” yourself?

Almost 80 % of our (especially female) clients fits the bio type who shouldn’t do Keto & fasting and need more starchy carbs to lose weight and balance hormones.

Are you stressed, tired, wired, sleepless or moody?

Do you struggle with weight and fatigue?

You must listen to this conversation with Jator Pierre, high level Chek practitioner and member of the Chek Faculty. Jator is trained by and has worked for Chris Kresser for 10 years.

In this podcast you will hear a very sobering conversation about HPA axis dysregulation, addiction, ancestral health self sabotage and the lack of foundational health in our diet culture.

You will be surprised to hear which carbs you need and which carbs you currently eat loads of that actually don’t really count.

Test if you are the biotype who should not be doing Keto and Fasting right HERE

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